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CST Pillow
Brain Respiration Pillow
CST is one of alternative medicines with bare hands, improving physiologic and pathologic abnormal symptoms caused by obstacles of brain respiration and cerebrospinal fluid in craniosacral system and making body and heart comfortable.

Usage : CST pillow is a heathy finger-pressure pillow that can replace CST without experts' help as CRI(Cranial Rhythmic Impulse) and CV4(Compression of 4th Ventricle) techniques, core techniques of CST, are applied to the pillow.

Feature : Even though you lie on the CST pillow, it releases all of the strained muscles in occipital bone and posterior neck, ligament, fascia and spinal dural tension in cranio-sacral part.

Merit : 1
CST pillow is a high functional healthy finger-pressure pillow making brains clear through the promotion of circulation of CSF, promoting development of brain, brain respiration and meditation effect and making body and heart comfortable through the promotion of bio-energy in brains.
(It will be helpful in doctors' offices at hospitals, lounges at companies and for students and housewives to recover form fatigue. )


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Date Posted 2011. 07. 13
Valid Until 2012.01. 13
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